Acupuncture for Hair Loss

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People often ask if they can get acupuncture for hair loss. Even though it might be seen as a superficial complaint, losing significant amounts of hair can strongly impact someone’s confidence, and cause them unnecessary anxiety and stress. Fortunately, this isn’t just a modern problem. Traditional Chinese Medicine has always been well-known for concerning itself with the search for immortality, and eternal youth. And even though we’ve mostly stopped trying to attain such lofty goals, the search has brought us a lot of good methods for keeping ourselves healthy and vital much longer than we would be without them. In fact, many common Chinese herbs used to this day are said to have the function of “blackening” or “regrowing” the hair. Receiving acupuncture for hair loss is a lot more common than you’d think.

In ancient China, a person’s hair was seen as a good indicator of their overall vitality and health. This is actually quite accurate, as, in times of great stress, severe illness, starvation, and malnutrition, or advanced age, we all can suffer from hair loss. It isn’t something that just happens to people with certain genes or the elderly. Even normal hormonal changes can sometimes throw our hair grows out of whack, affecting men and women alike. By age thirty-five, over two-thirds of men can expect some kind of noticeable hair loss, and by age fifty, eighty-five percent of men can expect to have significantly thinning hair. Acupuncture for hair loss helps to address these deep-rooted causes, especially when combined with other techniques like moxa, internal and external herbal applications, gua sha, cupping, and electrical stimulation.

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