Healing Migraines with Acupuncture

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It’s 3 am and you wake with a start. Though there is little light coming from the window, what little pours in feels like a hot knife slicing into your aching eyeballs. The sound of the rain pitter pattering on the glass, normally a comfort, today sounds like a thunderous herd of elephants blasting through your eardrums. Every movement of your head produces an unbearably sharp pain on the side of your head and behind your eyes. To make matters worse, your stomach has already begun turning over every last bit of food you ate the night before. That’s when you know, today is another day of migraines.

If this sounds familiar to you at all, you know how debilitating this condition is. It saps us of precious time and function. Many of us who suffer them take whatever medication dulls it even a little so we can just drag ourselves through the day. But what if there was a better way, another solution? Well, did you know there is significant research backing acupuncture as a viable way of both preventing and treating migraine headaches? Did you know many major insurance companies also cover the treatment of acupuncture for migraines? It is, in fact, one of the more common complaints well treated by this system, just as much as back pain. So how does it work?

A properly trained and licensed acupuncturist will determine the root cause of your migraines through the diagnostic system of Traditional Chinese medicine which may include looking at your tongue, your pulse, palpating your head and neck for tense spots, and asking you a series of questions about your health Once a diagnosis is come to, points are used to loosen tight muscles acting on the head and neck as well as points affecting the nervous system pertaining to your headaches. It is always recommended to come regularly at first as acupuncture is known to have a cumulative effect. It works great to reduce the severity and frequency of the headaches, especially when combined with Chinese herbal medicine. It is also largely without any side effects so if you suffer from this condition, there is no reason not to give it a try.

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