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Acupuncture treatment hundreds of years ago was painful. Acupuncture needles were thick, and acupuncture practitioners used the needles to stimulate points for a more powerful therapeutic effect. Patients, most likely, experienced fear when they were going for a treatment. Much has changed in the last sixty or so years. Acupuncture needles have become exponentially thinner but stronger, and point stimulation is often achieved by a carefully selected either by hand or using electrical current. 

Modern acupuncture treatment is not painful, at all. In fact, it goes beyond not causing anxiety; it relieves it. Medical doctors often argue that there is no scientific explanation for the existence of vital energy, qi, but the truth is changes in qi are precursors of changes in health. When a person is under constant stress, often has anxiety, and does not have enough sleep, his health can handle certain degree of strain, remaining within the person’s qi, but then health issues will start to emerge, indicating that the damage has moved deeper, into the internal organs.

The traditional point of view is that acupuncture treatment works best as a preventative measure, to maintain someone’s health more than to restore it. Luckily, a lot of research has been done in acupuncture, and the practitioners at the Advanced Holistic Center in Brickell are trained to help patients in various situations. They can use acupuncture treatment for preventative, alternative, or complementary purposes.

Facial Rejuvenation in Brickell

During all its two thousand-year existence, acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine in general has always being used cosmetically just as much as therapeutically. More specifically, acupuncture either alone or along with other modalities has been used to enhance the facial appearance. Due to modern technological advances, cosmetic capabilities of acupuncture have increased a lot.

Most modern acupuncture needles are made of stainless steel, and many needles used for facial rejuvenation are extremely thin, slightly thicker than a human hair, allowing acupuncturists greater flexibility and precision during the procedure. Combined with other modalities of traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture treatment for facial rejuvenation can have more glamorous outcomes.

While the practitioners at the Advanced Holistic Center in Brickell are excellently trained, they regularly take continuing education courses to hone their professional skills even further. We do everything we can to offer our patients the most effective treatments that can currently be possible, and we always look for ways to make our success rates even more outstanding.

Infertility Treatment in Brickell

When a couple has trouble conceiving, the problem can be in the man or in the woman, but in either case, more often than not, the cause is some sort of inflammation. Luckily, research has shown that a series of acupuncture sessions can successfully and significantly reduce inflammation in various areas of the body.

From the traditional standpoint, however, neither acupuncture nor other modalities of traditional Chinese medicine are supposed to be used to treat specific conditions. Instead, this method is designed to identify, then restore, and then maintain the balance among internal organs. As a result, the organism should reach its optimal health, in which reproduction would no longer be a problem.

The acupuncturists at the Advanced Holistic Center’s Brickell location use every means possible to help our patients overcome the problem of infertility. They often either combine or alternate the traditional and modern techniques to make the treatment as fast and as successful as possible, working with individual patients and designing personalized approach and treatment.

The Advanced Holistic Center in Brickell

With locations in New York City and Miami, the Advanced Holistic Center brings its patients the most effective methods from traditional Chinese medicine, classical techniques as well modern discoveries. All its practitioners are licensed by the State of Florida a national board-certified in their professional areas.

Our offices are equipped with most modern and traditional tools and devices to help our practitioners provide our patients the most effective treatments currently available. Our main concern is high treatment success rates, and we often recommend our patients to consult other practitioners, when it may be necessary.

The Advanced Holistic Center in Brickell is designed to be an oasis in a busy financial area, where people can compose themselves or receive an either full treatment or fast symptom relief, if there is no time for real treatment. In any case, our practitioners provide personalized treatment that fits every patient’s needs, and every session is never hurried and involves full attention from the practitioner.

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