While each patient has an individual set of issues, chances are we already treated something similar in the past, and we will be happy to share our experience with you.  

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Insurances such as, United Healthcare, Aetna, Cigna, BCBS & others cover acupuncture therapy. We have in and out of network providers, our expert billing department files claims on your behalf to make it hassle-free, saving you any needless paperwork. Call us with your insurance information and we will check your benefit details.

Acupuncture can treat a host of conditions ranging from musculoskeletal to psycho emotional. The practice of acupuncture is only a part of the traditional Chinese medicine treatment catalog which consists of several modalities that can be used in various combinations such as, Gua Sha, Cupping Therapy, Moxibustion & more depending on an indivi dual’s need and his or her condition.

Our acupuncture service uses single-use disposable needles sealed by the manufacturer in sterile conditions. The needles are open just prior to use by the acupuncture practitioner. Because of this, the risk of infection is extremely low. This is the common hygienic practice that is widely used in developed countries for needles in Western Medicine as well.

Most of our patients fall asleep after the gentle insertion of hair-thin, sterile needles into the shallow surface of the body. People often associate all needles with painful Western medical experiences such as injections or blood draws. The good news is that our acupuncture treatment isn’t like that at all!

The sensations can be different for everybody, but the most common descriptions of how it feels from our patients are; warm, tingly, ‘electric’, achy, and ‘heavy’. Remember, SENSATION IS GOOD! Sensation means the acupuncture point is being activated and the natural healing process is underway.

The basic western explanation of how acupuncture works is based on the acupuncture needle initiating nerve impulses, which is transmitted to the spinal cord, which then results in a local release of tissue mediators & neurotransmitters that cause vasodilation (dilation of the blood vessels), as a result increasing local blood flow and anti-inflammatory reflex responses.

These mediators also possess potential growth-promoting effects, which among other things, speeds repair processes. There is also an inhibiting effect on the processing of nociceptive pain control mechanism; B-endorphins, in particular, are important for pain control as well as regulating mood, blood pressure and body temperature.

Yes! You can find the complete list of treatable conditions above. However, the most common chronic pain conditions that our patients seek help for are:

● Neck pain

● Lower back pain

● Runner’s knee

● Plantar fasciitis

● Achilles tendinitis

● Sciatica

● Rotator cuff injury and frozen shoulder

● Migraine

● Tennis/golfer’s elbow

● Arthritis

Acupuncture has been around for thousands of years, and thanks to the modern day upgrade of this timeless medical treatment, there are no known negative side effects from the use of hair-thin sterile needles.

While mainly used to promote the natural self-healing processes of the body & improve standard bodily functions, acupuncture is also widely used for common day-to-day issues such as stress and anxiety.

It is most prominent within western culture to alleviate stress through the release of natural pain-killing chemicals from the brain, commonly known as endorphins. This is important because when stress builds up in the body, it can create numbing pain and cause our minds to stay pre-occupied. With acupuncture, this can be reduced since the procedure helps to improve blood circulation and oxygenates body tissues.

Studies that have been conducted to measure the effectiveness of acupuncture for weight loss observed numerous benefits. These includes an increase in ghrelin, a hormone that regulates the storage of fat and metabolism by controlling meal initiation and decreasing leptin. Other benefits include the fact that it is very effective in weight loss control programs.

The most important benefit of our acupuncture service that it can power up any other weight control program by:

● Boosting metabolism
● Quelling cravings
● Curbing appetite
● Improving digestion
● Enhancing the usage of nutrients
● Regulating hormones responsible for obesity

Additionally, it is a source of strength for the proper functioning of the liver, increasing the tone in smoothing of muscles of the stomach especially for people who are full.

Acupuncture is often the final missing element that allows you to cross the line from infertility to fertility by enabling your body to function more efficiently in conjunction with modern reproductive treatments such as IVF.

The main culprit for infertility is modern day stress.

Our body is evolutionarily programmed to be less fertile during stressful environments. Medieval stressful conditions such as war and famine have been replaced with modern day versions such as high-pressure business transactions, personal financial problems, increasing pollution, and an ever-expanding to-do list. Nonetheless, stress is stress; it is the same type of damage done to our body regardless of what version of stress it is.

These stress factors are not just in your head; they penetrate deep into your body at the hormonal and molecular level. Excessive stress may even lead to complete suppression of the menstrual cycle, and in less severe cases, it could cause anovulation or irregular menstrual cycles. The insertion of acupuncture needles has been shown to effectively increase uterine blood circulation.

Acupuncture can enable your own body to naturally undo and stop this molecular damage in a way that no Western medical treatments can do.

Yes, should your practitioner think they will benefit you. Most of our practitioners are board certified herbalists ready to prescribe the best formula tailored to your individual progress.

Yes, simply mention that you are looking to consult with us when scheduling your appointment and we will be happy to set a time for your arrival.

Should you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment, please give us a call preferably 24 hours prior to your arrival or sooner. For more details on the matter please refer to our cancellation policy

Simply your presence and a candid demeanor is required, if you have results of a blood test or MRI—anything relevant to your particular case—then it may be helpful to bring with you.

Ideally, please try to come in at least 5 minutes before your appointment and 10 minutes prior to your initial consultation. 

While we try to focus on each patient one on one, if you prefer, you can request treatment with a friend or partner. All you need to do is mention this fact when you are scheduling your appointment.  

Yes, you may. Every member of our team is trained in our method. Please let us know if you would like to see a particular practitioner throughout your process when scheduling an appointment.

Absolutely! Feel free to leave an email or talk to them directly when they are in the office & they will be happy to answer your questions.  

Yes, and they most probably will be. Combining several modalities often increases the treatment success rate. We aim to maximize our patients’ healing and as a result, often integrate multiple treatments within our sessions to achieve that goal.

A practitioner will conduct a comprehensive evaluation which will be used to establish a diagnosis. This may include an evaluation process where they ask about your health history, check your vitals/pulse, perform a tongue diagnosis etc. They will then discuss with you their plan of treatment, answer your questions & address any concerns you may have, after which you will receive your treatment.

We have everything at our disposal in our offices so no special attire is necessary. We provide all the gowns and towels needed for your session. Comfortable clothes are recommended for our exercise & meditation workshops.

While a heavy meal is not recommended, a light snack is a good idea so as not to feel hungry or light-headed.

Our treatments generally last from half an hour to an hour but it that may depend on the patient’s individual needs. Bear in mind that most of the time you will be in a fully relaxed state and falling asleep to peaceful music.

Each case and condition are treated individually. However, many of our patients experienced relief after only a few sessions. The goal is to eliminate the root cause of your symptoms, therefore, a series of sessions are recommended to prevent symptoms from relapsing.

Results typically present themselves between 3 and 10 sessions, 2 or 3 times a week, but every case is different. Your practitioner is your best guide to informing you of the most realistic expectations that will become apparent in your particular case.