Well Defined: Discover the Traditional Chinese Medicine Offerings that Can Improve Health and Wellness



Looking to the past, many spas and individuals are incorporating traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) treatments to boost overall wellbeing. Carillon Miami Wellness Resort recently partnered with Irina Logman, DACM, Lac, a New York and Florida state licensed doctor of acupuncture and TCM as well as national board-certified in acupuncture and Chinese herbs, to bring the Advanced Holistic Center, which specializes in integrative medicine, to the resort. It will provide a host of new offerings to help guests harmonize the mind, body, and spirit.

From tailored treatments involving acupuncture, herbal medicine, and nutrition to those treating pain, hormonal disorders, stress, and more, TCM has a long history of addressing various conditions, such as musculoskeletal symptoms, anxiety, trauma, and more.

According to Logman, TCM is becoming more mainstream and more widely accepted in the medical community. “More medical doctors are recommending acupuncture as an adjunct therapy to address health concerns ranging from pain management to mental health to infertility,” she says. “Also, many young professionals are looking into TCM, specifically acupuncture, as part of their routine health and wellness maintenance regimen.”

Moving energy within the body, acupuncture is effective at boosting healthy circulation of blood and eliminating waste in the body. “This ensures the body tissue is well nourished and supports cellular health and regeneration,” says Logman. “Experienced acupuncturists can identify energy imbalances within the organ systems before it appears on the physical level. Acupuncture is also proven to increase natural opioids and endorphin levels within the body, improving a person’s sense of overall wellbeing.”

In addition to acupuncture, TCM also offers other beneficial treatments. Here, Logman shares some therapies that can help you live a healthier life.

A great way to boost the immune system and eliminate stagnation in the subcutaneous tissue, cupping helps muscles recover after trauma or intense workouts. It also supports the body in avoiding internal diseases and lung congestion.

Gua Sha
Ideal for breaking up any scar tissue, gua sha is also an invaluable tool for any musculoskeletal conditions. “Gua sha can be used diagnostically and therapeutically,” says Logman. “It helps the body move old and stagnant blood and brings it to the surface, promoting the body into a healed and repaired state. The amount of redness helps identify areas of inflammation.”

Both meditation and positive affirmations are essential to boosting wellbeing. “I believe mindfulness is the new yoga,” says Logman. “Mindful eating, mindful breathing, and mindful being are the keys to a healthier lifestyle. I often combine acupuncture with meditation during treatments.”

Qi Gong
A great way to build internal energy, qi gong is a system of coordinated movements, breathing, and meditation. “Movement is life,” says Logman. “Qi gong is a cultivation of qi. It can be done by anyone and is for everyone.”

Herbs and Nutrition
In TCM, foods are thought to have warming and cooling properties. As a result, it’s important to tailor your diet based on the season. “For example, someone with sweet cravings has digestive weakness and should avoid eating cold, raw foods as those will further deplete digestive fire,” says Logman. Specific herbs—ginkgo biloba, cinnamon, ginger, ginseng, gotu kola, and more—are often prescribed for various conditions as a result of their healing benefits.

by Heather Mikesell | Co-founder of Well Defined