Holistic Health Blog

Every day, researchers and practitioners make new discoveries about holistic medicine and experts in the field publish their new ideas in articles every moment in academic and professional publications. Considering the sheer number and the great variety of news relevant to holistic medicine available, it’s incredibly difficult to keep track of every new finding—even more so because practitioners and researchers of other, neighboring professions find something new that can be relevant to our patients—but we do our best to keep up with the latest information in our professions. To share some of this information with you as well as to keep our patients informed about what is going on in the Advanced Holistic Center, we keep a blog.

Our Holistic Medicine News

Please, feel free to post questions or comments about holistic and integrative medicine. Even though it’s a holistic medicine blog, it’s informal, so feel free to post or something of relevance or interest to our patients. If you noticed something unusual after a treatment or experienced an unexpected outcome from a combination of different modalities, we and our patients would like to know that—there’s no detail too small for our holistic medicine blog about holistic medicine news.  

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