Aleksandra Laskowska

Aleksandra is a native of Poland, and prior to moving to the United States, she lived in London for over 13 years where she earned her Masters Degree in Business Management and worked in the beauty and finance industry. She moved to Miami Beach from New York City two years ago and and honestly says that she has at last found her place.
Aleksandra’s life long passion for holistic medicine started in Europe where she experienced the technology firsthand and got helped with migraine, allergies and emotional well-being. She decided to follow the footsteps of her sister, who runs a successful biofield practice in Poland and make this unique wellness option available in Miami. After a year of training and practice on the Thera -Wellness device, it’s finally here for clients of Advanced Holistic Center to experience the wellness benefits of biofield-energy.
Aleksandra is married and lives with her husband in Bay Harbor Islands.

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Dr. Vaynshtok, DPT, graduated from Long Island University with a Master’s degree in Physical